Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There is no "Health Care Crisis"

Lost in the debate on what government should do about health care in America is the question no one seems to want to ask. That is, "Why fix a crisis when there is no crisis?"
According to the Obama Administration somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million people do not have health insurance in America. So what? That is only about 15% of the entire population.
Why do we need to have the federal government - the same government that invades countries that do not invade us first; fail to deliver mail better than our phones or FedEx; provides lousy housing for the poor; lousy education for children; lousy roads, bridges, food inspection services and more - in charge of the biggest industry in America? Who are these functional morons who actually believe that government can do a better job at health care then they can at anything else? The American-Indians on reservations have been getting government care for decades. You would not want to go to one of the clinics these Americans are compelled to use.
I wonder how many of the 50 million people who do not have insurance could afford it but choose to spend their money on other things?
How many of the 50 million could afford some insurance if they altered their lifestyles and allocated their funds in a more rational manner?
How many of the 50 million could have some insurance if they would improve their stock of human capital by learning a trade or getting an education that would make them valuable enough to an employer to gain a job and employer-provided health care?
In a nation with rampant obesity, sexually-transmitted diseases, dangerous drivers, high crime and a "you owe me something" mentality, providing health care through the nose of the taxpayer is going to be very, very expensive. Nations like Canada, Sweden, Norway and other quasi-Socialistic places that have low populations and people who do not look as bad, or act as bad as we do, already have tax burdens that are hard for the average worker to manage.
In a nation of 307 million people with all of our problems, reforming health care to save 15% of us is simply idiotic.
In a week or so, the posting on this site will provide some economically sensible solutions to problems in our health care market.
Stay tuned...


  1. Most of my friends are college students, and the majority of them choose to spend their time and money on harmful activities; harmful to their health, minds or finances. I wouldn't want their lifestyles to drain the pockets of conscientious citizens, who do wear sunblock to prevent skin cancer, who don't "pound" drinks until they throw up, or don't dive into 3-ft-deep pools, or those who do wear a seat belts while driving, or a helmet while riding, or decide to engage in protected sex (especially if you think abstinence counts as safe sex).

    As cruel and inhuman as it sounds, we should allow everyone suffer the consequences of their actions, just as we should let them reap the benefits of sound decisions. If people choose to engage in harmful activities or lifestyles (that only affect him or her), doesn't the constitution guarantee that right? Shouldn't the constitution also guarantee that the government should not take money to make up for the misfortune or stupidity of the rest of the population?

  2. Exactually, I have said the same thing about this since the fiasko began. Personally, I think it is all about smoke and mirrors politics. Allow me to explain, What topic would take people's attention away from the failures of our Government more than Health care?? We have in our country record high unemployment, an illegal war, and a Governing body on the cusp of Socialism. They do not want us talking about these other issues because they know we are aware of what is going on, so they devert our attention to something else. My real question is this, why all of a sudden are they "fixing" "their words not mine" Health care when they have used it as a Political platform to obtain votes for the past twenty years by both the Plutocrians and the Socialicrates. They could have given another form of welfare to those that walk around complaining that we the people owe them something for nothing many years ago. But now, all of a sudden, our Government is going to be so kind and caring that it is going to give more to those that do nothing already but take away from those that are just scraping by. Lets review, we have government running the military "and an illegal war" , Government running a huge car company "that is going to save us all with unrealistic and rediculous claims of fuel efficency and quality when gas will be ten dollars a gallon" , Government in charge of running our country "we are worse off now than ever, even worse than the eighties" and now they are going to save us by giving free health care "only if we are the 50 million too incapable of doing anything for ourselves". I am sooo confused, wasnt this the "yes we can" voice of America?? Well, how about spending that endless amount of money on getting more jobs for people. Then maybe those poor, helpless, incapable and owed people can work and afford for themselves instead of digging in my pocket for my last five cents. Anybody good at drawing, we can make a cartoon of Obama standing behind me picking my pocket while the Democrates distract me with a free empty bottle of asprin. Just like the empty promises that we have been given by those that are supposed to be capable and Democratic. Or as I have been writing for Years, I say we roll up our Constitution, Bill of Rights and unpack the Liberty Bell and take them with us. Lets leave them with their fake promises and handouts.
    David Huff
    Angry American