Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The U.S. has no Business in Libya

Here we go again....

Now that a Middle-East dictator has finally decided to fight back against those who seek to change their government, the United States is once again taking up the moronic position of being the "Great Interferer" in the soverign affairs of another nation.

It seems we will never learn. Pick your police action in this week's survey as the dumbest one we have ever pursued. The list is a long one and it never goes well.

It does not matter what the price of oil rises to or how many Libyan protestors die in their revolt. This is THEIR revolt. The only thing the U.S. can possibly gain for creating 'No-fly' zones, or from bombing runways or from aiding the revolutionary forces in any way is to once again prove to the world that we arrogantly reserve the right to fix things for other nations - especially if gas prices rise above $3.50 while we are in the process of not fixing other nations.

If the Libyans want to recruit Americans to fight along side them, that is fine. If they want to buy guns from us, that is great - we have plenty. If they want us to verbally support their cause, Amen to that to. But, not one dime, or one American drop of blood needs to be spent or shed during this uprising.


  1. Personally I believe going into Libya is more justified than the invasion force we sent into Iraq. Even we had some help from the French during the revolution. At least the Libyans asked us for help. The mistake with Korea is we didn't finish the job. I dont know enough of the history of the other wars to comment.

  2. Can we really say that the French helped much? Why can't we say that the Korea mistake was going there in the first place?

  3. Going to Korea probably was a mistake. Again, I dont know enough about the history to make a coherent argument other than we were there and didn't finish the job.

  4. Thank you for clarifying Prof. Chambless! It's really annoying whenever conversation about aid arises, people insist that France pursued as much aid to assist the US. We, the American people, should consider our own revolution and establish our roots of getting back to how Washington intended for America to be, Neutral in the affairs of other countries politics.