Monday, October 17, 2011

The Greatest "Community Organizer" in History

As you all know, before President Obama became the most powerful person on the Earth his most significant endeavor came as a community organizer in Chicago, where he worked to get poor folks organized into a larger voting bloc.


As we look at the "Occupy America" demonstrations now taking place in cities all over the country we can now clearly say that Mr. Obama is the all-time greatest community organizer in our nation's history.

I thought Thomas Paine, with his book Common Sense was huge, but Mr. Obama's campaign - which could be entitled Common Nonsense is even more significant.

I have told people for years that America will be finished off if (a) the bums out there ever realize that their vote counts the same as Bill Gates, (b) realize that bums outnumber productive people like Mr. Gates and (c) get organized into a mob with voter registration cards.

Occupy America is just that and Mr. Obama is responsible for it. He has, since 2008 whipped up the masses of below-average Americans into a frenzy of hatred towards those of us who are trying to serve our fellow man in return for a return on our hard work. He has made the rich (i.e. the really, really productive people) the enemy and has convinced the people you know to be lazy, stupid and disinterested in obtaining an honest living that they are all victims of Starbucks, General Electric and Toys 'R' Us executives.

Now the bums are organized, angry and literate enough to use all of that time on their hands to make signs that say, "Save trees, burn the rich", "Arrest the 1%" and "Down with Capitalism" to name a few.

To those of you out there who think this is going to go away soon, you should recall the year 1917. The leaders of Russia did not take the rise of Communism seriously either. Oops. This is only the beginning of a revolution that will play out in the streets and eventually, the voting booth.

I think I will open up my gun cases tonight to make sure my guns are in good working order....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Hyenas

A few weeks ago I ventured out to a place I rarely go (a movie theater) to watch, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". When I was a kid back in the 70's I loved the Planet of the Apes movies and actually entertained the thought that something like this could happen some day.

Now that I am grown up I now realize that it is not likely that apes will take over the Earth. After all, the apes simply wanted liberty from the tyranny being imposed by humans.

What is far more likely to occur this century is for the hyenas - in human form - to take over the planet.

If you have ever watched a nature show where the lives and habits of hyenas are depicted you will notice that hyenas always lie around in the grass or under a shady tree waiting for hard-working lions or cheetahs to productively hunt down and kill some other animal. After the lion or cheetah has finished the hard work, the hyenas move in as a group, gang up on the individual that killed the antelope, chase them away and eat, without working, the meal that some other animal originally acquired.

Look around America today (and Greece, and England and more..) at all of these "Occupy America" protests. What you will see, if you look very closely, is a bunch of hyenas demanding to take away the productive efforts of the rest of us.

It could be argued that if Steve Jobs had been a cheetah he would have been one of the fastest, most agile cats on the plains of Africa. He would have had the best food and strongest skill set. As a human, his skill set meant thousands upon thousands of jobs for other people around the planet, incredible devices (that many of the protesters are using today) for the rest of us human beings and riches for himself.

For this, the hyenas line up and demand to take what he created without ever inventing anything of any use to anyone.