Friday, January 6, 2012

January 20, 2017

Now that Rick Santorum has become the Republican's Presidential wannabe of the week, it is clear that President Obama will be re-elected in November.  I have got to believe that somewhere in the White House, laughter and knee-slapping is echoing past the portraits of former presidents.

We have gone from Michelle Bachmann winning the straw-poll in Iowa last summer to Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and now Santorum being the gal or guy who can really, really lead us back to the 1980s.  To quote the wise NFL analysts on ESPN......."Come on, man."

Everytime someone I know asks me to register as a Republican  - so I can at least vote in the Florida primaries I just chuckle and say, "Now why exactly would I want to do that?"  Why would I throw my support to a party that has just picked a guy who voted with Bush to shove trillions of our dollars into prescription drug benefits for senior citizens and whose platform is largely based on imposing morality - Republican morality that is - on all of us sinners? 

James Madison once said, "If men were angels there would be no need for government."  However, he understood that government cannot make men angels.

Today, Republicans believe government can create angels.  This is how we got "Compassionate Conservatism" under George W. Bush and a "Kinder, Gentler America" under George H.W. Bush.  All of this taxpayer-financed kindness and compassion has gutted the Reagan Revolution, made Bill Clinton look like Barry Goldwater and has launched us right into the Obama years - years that will be looked back upon as the acceleration of the beginning of the end.

I will repeat here that Ron Paul remains a voice in the wilderness, but that voice fails the American Idol standard for picking presidents and is also drowned out by radical Libertarianism that the American people do not want.

Pragmatic Libertarianism disguised as Reagan/Goldwater Conservatism will have to be wrapped up in a pretty face and nice fitting suit in order to reverse the Bush/Obama Plague.

That means that we will have to wait for Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio to run.

That means 2016.

That means Obama gets to "finish" what Republican Socialism started.


  1. Mr. Chambless there's still hope. Unfortunately Dr. Paul has a slim chance of being nominated, but he has gathered more support than ever. Hopefully Gary Johnson wins the nomination for the Libertarian Party and with a Ron Paul endorsement we can still have a shot. History shows that Dr. Paul will most likely endorse a third party candidate as he did last election. Your thoughts on Gary Johnson, if any?

  2. What little I know about him seems to suggest that he is a solid Libertarian, which means he has no chance in our Centrist society. Ron is amazingly hanging in there. There is hope that someone like him will break through some day. People did not even know what Libertarianism was 10 or so years ago.