Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Capitalists you should give your money to

All of us have had experiences where we voluntarily give our money to businesses who end up being liars or cheaters or lazy or all of the above.  Since I have no way of using Facebook or Twitter to tell you about some of the good guys out there I will use this blog instead.  What follows is a brief list of businesses that I would highly recommend you use if you are ever in need of home repair, car repair, coffee, food or other stuff.

1.  Kalos Services  for home repairs, air conditioning and other construction.
These folks are very professional, extremely honest and do a fabulous job in a wide array of home services.  It is very hard to spend the kind of money that the free market has established for repairs to A/C units, electrical issues, etc.  You can trust this family-owned business to be on-time, honest, reasonable in their fees and friendly.  Located in Clermont, Florida but available in many Florida locations for service.

2. Hudson Tire & Service 10 W Story Rd Winter Garden, FL 34787.    Another family owned business that will give you super fast car repairs and tire services for very low prices.  They do a great job and will not cost you what a dealer would charge.  You can usually have your car back the same day - even on major repairs.  I will never go to a dealer again after having these folks work on my vehicles.

3. Axum Coffee.  O.K., how does coffee fit in right after home and car repairs?  I don't know, but this is my list so coffee is next.  Started by the pastor of Mosaic Church in Oakland, Florida, this downtown Winter Garden, Florida coffee shop gives 100% of its profit to charitable causes in Africa.  I was very skeptical at first that this concept would work - and even told people I did not think it would - but I was wrong and Adam Smith was right. 

Rather than begging people to give money like many charitable causes, Axum gives people something of value first - the best coffee you will ever taste in your life - then uses this voluntary exchange that enriches the consumer and the producer - to help those in need.

4.  Some corporations that are doing right by Adam Smith:  Samsung (we love our television and dishwasher..), Timberland (great hiking boots), Columbia outdoor clothing, Chick-Fil-A, Whole Foods and Stihl (chainsaws and other yard equipment).
Please post your suggestions for others to read.


  1. Lemonchasers (Jerry Martin) Auto Repair in downtown Orlando.

    I've been going to him for 18 years or so and he is an honest man. I've referred many people over the years and without fail, all of them have thanked me.

  2. audio-technica headphones... a japanese company for 50 years in the field of audio equipment, manufactures out of japan and thailand, delivers quality products, and, unlike beyonce's husband, does not rip you off!