Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Will any Democrat be in Heaven?

In case you missed it (video provided below), Senator Richard Durbin was asked in an interview with Fox News why the word "God" was left out of the 2012 Democratic platform.   

I am not sure if Fox News was trying to show up the Democratic Party or not by interviewing Durbin on this subject. 

Yet, the interview did make me wonder, will we see any Democrats in heaven?

Lets take a look at what modern Democrats believe to be true and what policies they support.

First, Democrats support abortion rights.  O.K., so do many Libertarians.  Libertarians and Democrats who support abortion "rights" argue that a women owns her own body and has the right to put an end to an unwanted pregnancy.

Tell me please - has the scientific community come to a consensus on when life begins?  No, it has not.  Therefore, it is possible - not from a religious point of view, but strictly from the standpoint of biology - that life begins at conception.

If it is possible that life begins at conception, it is possible that ending a pregnancy is ending a life.  If that is the case it is called killing a living human being - something covered in the Old and New Testaments.    Even if you do not believe in God, you can argue that since our Constitution protects the right to life, every abortion is a violation of a person's natural, rather than God-given right to life, and therefore is a criminal act.

Second, Democrats support using the law to take money away from one person to give it to another.  I have seen countless "Christian" Democrats argue that Jesus taught us to be our brother's keeper and therefore welfare payments satisfy Christian doctrine. 

Tell me please, where did Jesus say it was o.k. to use force to gain the resources that are funneled to "charitable" acts?  He never said it was morally right to steal (using force to take property from someone) in order to pay for the care of our brothers.  Stealing is also covered in Holy Scriptures and it is not justified anywhere.

Third, Democrats support forcing children to go to schools they are zoned for.  Zones are artificial borders created by force (law) that prevents free, emancipated adult human beings (parents) from sending their child to the school they choose. 

Take a look at the worst schools in America.  They are not Catholic, secular private or home schools.  All of the worst schools are in areas where children are forced to go to the local monopoly for an "education".  This increases - dramatically - the odds that those children will become poor as adults.  Once they become poor as adults they are invited to become slaves to the welfare state that was also largely created by Democrats (see FDR and LBJ).  They might also end up in prison as a result of being poor.  Come to think of it, most of America's prison population is made up of men with no father at home.  The fatherless men trend accelerated after the welfare state was created.

Ending human life, theft, educational slavery, destroyed families....

How do you get to heaven on that foundation?


  1. I hope this Democrat will go to heaven. If not there are many Republicans that won't make it either.....

    1. I can think of some Republicans that support theft from the voting booth and illegal wars that destroy thousands of lives. They might be in trouble too.

  2. I will leave it up to God to make the decision who will enter his Kingdom. It is not up to us to look in the hearts of our neighbors. Many Christians
    are arrogant enough to think they have a seat reserved in heaven may have a big surprise coming. Only God can make this judgement and I will leave this up to him.

    1. Agreed. God will decide. However, we can point out things that others do that will make his decision easier, don't you think?

  3. Who knows? Maybe God has a different perspective on things than we do. We will all find out some day.

  4. Dear Mr. Chambless,

    I'm so very sorry to hear that your precious money is being stolen by the big bad government. Let's see...there's always Canada. But wait, it's probably worse there, given that they have a national health care system. Cuba? Nope--socialism. Germany, France, England? Same problem there too. It kinda looks like you're stuck. You can always whine, though. You're good at that.

  5. Mr. Kesler,

    Take a look at the Heritage Foundation rankings of the most economically free nations. Canada ranks higher than us and I have not ruled out moving there. I realize that folks like you really just don't understand what arguments I am making on behalf of Jefferson, Madison et. al, but to resort to "You can always whine...." is pretty pathetic. If you ever want to engage in a real conversation or debate I am here and ready for that. In the meantime, what you immaturely calling whining, I will call "enlightening".

  6. P.S. Mr. Kesler, if you are Russ Kesler of UCF, would you like join me in a debate entitled, "The Proper role of government in Society"? I could schedule the debate to take place here or you could set it up at UCF. I think our students would learn a great deal and enjoy it. You might discover that I am not the whining jerk you seem to think I am. Let me know.

  7. WWJD?
    We are taught that all life is precious. No matter the intelligence or the species. Whether life begins at the moment of conception or at some point later, there is definitely a difference between a D&C after a rape and a partial birth abortion. Some of what is going on as approved abortion is nothing less than a horror movie.
    Jesus preached do unto others, brotherhood, and compassion but did not solve the world's problems for us. The original concept that man lives by the sweat of his brow still applied. He said “cast not your pearls before swine”. In the parable of the prodigal son, the son who stayed home and worked did not have to give up his wealth to the brother who squandered his. Conservatives believe strongly in assistance to the needy and celebrate their success but do not believe in broadcasting others’ property to anyone and everyone as an entitlement. A parent that gives their child every wish and bails them out of every problem is considered a poor parent, so why does a liberal consider a government that does the same benevolent?
    God tried to create a utopia on earth and failed, but for some strange reason we think we can succeed.

  8. Jack,

    I don't think you're a whining jerk. You obviously have much experience in your field and I respect your ideas, or at least your right to propound them. I apologize for the tone of my earlier message.

    And no to a debate; you'd murder me, and I can pretty much guarantee that none of my students would show up for such a thing. As I said, I'm not an economist. A fairer contest for me would be to see who could write the better poem.

    It's pretty obvious that no matter what each of us says, we'll be talking past each other. About the only thing you've said in your blogs that I can agree with concerns the futility and waste of the Iraq and Afghan wars.

  9. Jack,

    Your blog is great. It is important to point out that although some libertarians support abortion rights, their rationale for doing so is different than the left's rationale. Those libertarians who support abortion rights do so because they believe that the government should not infringe upon the rights of individuals. Leftists support abortion rights because they believe that women should not be burdened or inconvienced by unwanted pregnancies if they don't want to be. The left often makes the libertarian argument to garner support for their abortion policies. However, such argurments are pretextual. Obviously, leftists do not care one bit about individual rights as their entire political philosphy is based upon enhancing the power of the state and collectivism to the detriment of individual rights. On another note, although I have many libertarian views, I differ with many libertarians in that most seem to pay no mind as to where their natural rights come from. Many modern day libertarians (unlike classical libertarians)are atheists or, if they do believe in God, have adopted secular beliefs that completely ignore the existence and importance of morality. Where do natural rights come from - but from God? If natural "rights" have somehow evolved from inorganic matter, then why would such rights be "rights" at all and be any more legitimate than the beliefs of Karl Marx? Our country's road to serfdom cannot be better illustrated by the fact that the ruling party of our country, which was founded upon a Declaration specifically referencing God, is now booing the reference of God in their own platform. Our Country's economy and society would not be in its current state if our leaders respected God and our God-given natural rights.

    Your former student, Brad Friend