Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Mitt Romney won the First Debate

I just finished watching the first debate on economic issues between President Obama and Mitt Romney.
If this had been a heavyweight prize fight it would have looked somewhat like the Buster Douglas - Mike Tyson fight from long ago.
In short, Mitt Romney knocked out Barack Obama.
For those of you who are new to my blog I must first let you know that I am a registered Libertarian and rarely vote for Republicans who are running for president.
You should also know that I have been sharply critical of Mitt Romney in public speeches, lectures to my students and on this blog.  He is no Ronald Reagan.  He has flaws in his persepective on health care, energy and trade with China.
Yet, tonight he illustrated why President Obama's presidency was a wonderfully impossible fulfillment of what America could be if we looked at a man without race in mind but ended up a dismal failure by any measure.
Mr. Romney was masterful in pointing out what should be painfully obvious to any American who has even an inkling of common sense.  That is that under President Obama we have seen the economy remain stagnant, government debt explode and the promise of achieving the American Dream die for millions of young people. 
Mr. Romney clearly illustrated that he understands the fundamental principles that create economic growth - leaving people and their wallets largely alone so they can chart the course of their own lives - while government largely remains on the sidelines.
He was not perfect and as I said, I have some serious concerns about some of his economics.  But...I have been an economist for 24 years now.   In those 24 years I have watched as George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush took us on a path that violated the principles of free markets and limited government.  I have watch President Obama make things even worse by arrogantly claiming that business people - of which I am one - did not create our businesses and that "Obamacare" (a phrase he loves) must be imposed on unwillingly emancipated adult human beings.
Mitt Romney gave a performance tonight that reminded me of what I felt when I watched the Reagan-Carter debates in 1980.  I was only a kid then but I knew Reagan was on to something.  So is Mitt Romney, if he can keep it up.


  1. Professor Chambless I must say I could not agree more with your statement. As I watched Mr. Romney refute every single one of the Presidents statements it was a joy to see someone actually use economic principles as reasons for his plans and promises. I was impressed upon hearing the word "competition" when Mr. Romney spoke on public educations and the right to "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" in his closing statements.

    1. It was refeshing and gave me a little hope that he might be able to win and act like a real conservative - something we have lacked since the 1980s.

  2. Yes Mitt Romney is most certainly up to something, and a country gets what they vote for.
    He does not hold a light to Ronald Reagan.
    At least Reagan did not lie with a straight face.

    1. The president was totally unprepared, arrogant and exposed as the enemy of free markets that he is. What exactly did Romney lie about? Did you listen to the lies Obama told about how important free enterprise is and how he cut my taxes and how he has created millions of jobs and how health care will be more affordable. Face it, your man was overmatched from beginninig to end. One of us in this dialogue is in the best position to know who is right and wrong about economics. The president lost. Just deal with that and hope he does better next time.

  3. I just read your blog again and the comment that our President made about businesses was taken totally out of context. I saw the comment the President made with my own eyes, and also saw how Fox News managed to distort it.
    As a senior citizen I have ample time to watch and listen to the candidates.
    My vision and hearing is excellent, and I do not need the media to translate for me what was said, or implied.

    1. And what, may I ask, does this former community organizer know about business? He has repeatedly shown complete ignorance of what has built America and what allowed you to have everything you own. He knows nothing about the importanc of profit and economic freedom and arrogantly tells us that he likes the phrase "Obamacare" as if he is some God of health care that will rescue all of us. His presidency and his debate last night are/were a joke.

  4. I guess it comes down to perception.
    I never thought of the President as arrogant at all.
    I see Mitt Romney as mean spirited and arrogant, and that goes for Paul Ryan as well.
    So we agree to disagree.
    Frankly, I have been amazed at the flip flopping with these candidates. They tell each audience what they want to hear.
    I guess that is politics at its finest. History will be the final judge.
    We experienced that with Bush.
    I do agree the President was lousy last night.
    I wish he had called out Romney when he lied.

    1. Again, WHAT DID HE LIE ABOUT??? How did Romney seem mean? He was forceful, but how was he mean? And as for Paul Ryan, I have watched him for two years, have read his work and will say this, he is not mean, he is brilliant and he is going to wipe the floor with our moron Vice-President when they debate. I would ask you, what kind of a country with respect to taxes and debt do you want your grandchildren to inherit? There is nothing more cruel than what this president - and Bush have done to future generations.

  5. Romney was completely on-point and tuned in throughout the entire debate. Obama was rude and lacked respect by not even glancing at Romney throughout the debate, smirking at points Romney made, or flat-out laughing when Romney was making his points. Romney had clear and concise points and he executed every time he spoke with a complete 'laundry list (in order, might I add) to respond to Obama. Obama continually repeated the "5 trillion in tax cuts" despite the fact that Mitt Romney called him out each time he tried to just throw this meaningless and untrue statement out there. I was very impressed with Romney's speaking and how he mentioned the constitution, less government, people being able to follow their dreams/etc. Like I said above, he seemed very methodical and analytical in his approach and talking points.

  6. What do you think about the miraculous unemployment numbers that came out this morning? I'm not one to talk conspiracy theories but the jobs report seems a little strange considering both the convenient timing and the fact that the numbers don't seem to add up:

    437,000 jobs added over the past three months, U3 is down to its lowest level since Obama took office, and yet U6 is still up at 14.7% while the labor force participation rate is still lower than when Obama took office.

    Also, the Household Survey showed a gain of 873,000 people employed in September while the Establishment Survey only showed a rise of 114,000.

    I think this officially makes Obama the messiah. Jesus took five loaves and two fish and fed the multitudes.

    Obama has taken 114,000 jobs and employed 873,000 people.

    It's a miracle