Monday, June 3, 2013

Wasting money battling life's losers...

Sometime today a home security company will send a representative to my house where I will proceed to shell out a boatload of money to have a home protection/monitoring system installed. 
This is on top of the money I have already spent this weekend on timing switches for our lights.
That is on top of taking my 12-gauge shotgun out from under my bed and placing it in an area where I can get to it faster.
That is on top of a very unenjoyable talk I had to have with my sons about how to defend their mother if I am ever away when some thug tries to enter our home.
Why all the fuss?
It is pretty simple.
I used to live in the Central Florida equivalent of Mayberry, North Carolina.  Dirt roads, friendly people and a slow, quiet lifestyle.
No more.
A few weeks ago, three homes within a half mile or less or our house were burglarized.
Shortly after than, our neighbor about 150 yards behind us had a break in while he was napping.
Three days ago, our neighbor across the street - about 30 yards away had the same happen to her.
When I talked to the police who were working her case I found myself realizing what my brother - the Chief of Police in a major midwestern town told me.  "Jack, the police always show up after the fact..."
That being the case, I now have to spend my hard-earned money to do something about "before the fact", or "during the fact".
And that has caused something "funny" to dawn on me.
First, I wonder if the losers who are robbing people of their property in town have jobs doing something productive somewhere else and simply rob people to supplement travel plans or the purchase of better health care plans?
Probably not.
I wonder what the odds are that in addition to robbing people of their property these thugs live in part off of those same people in the form of foodstamps and welfare?
High odds, I would venture to say.
I wonder, if I end up shooting one of them some day, if (should they not die) my taxes will be used to pay for their recovery while in the hospital?
Yes, that is true too.
Isn't it just a little ironic that for those of us who work hard every day to earn money we end up first having our money taken by force so that losers can eat and have a roof over their heads, only to have those ungrateful jerks then break into our homes and cars and businesses so they can have even more of our stuff?
A good friend of mine in Tennessee once told me about a buddy of his who worked two jobs and many hours every day to take care of his family.
Someone was telling his buddy about this or that program that was "needed" to help the poor.
His buddy said, "To h... with the poor!  What did they ever do for me?"
Good question.


  1. First of all, I am sorry about the troubles and consequent worries about a possible home invasion.
    Second, I would get a big dog that can sound an alarm before any company can come to your rescue.
    Third, I do not believe that Bernie Madoff was ever on food stamps, and he wiped out plenty of people.

  2. Well, the $1838 on the alarm system - to keep welfare losers from coming inside for very long - is more than Madoff ever took from me. He is in jail, right? That is where he belongs too. For every Madoff there are thousands of bums breaking into homes.

  3. "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away". The police do not stop crime, they only enforce the law AFTER a crime is committed.
    As the US leans more towards an entitlement society, the more entitled other people will feel to your belongings. It is important that we stop that movement and also make sure that anyone who breaks into our own home is not willing or able to repeat the crime.
    A dog is a deterrent, but I am not going to expect my dog to risk his life to defend me. My dog's life is more valuable than the life of anyone who breaks into my home. I know I have to take responsibility since no one else is interested in my well-being as much as I am.

  4. You are right, there are many thugs out there. They could also be rich kids with time on their hands that know your neighborhood. I am curious to see if the police will catch them. I hope so!

  5. Stop making excuses Anneliesse. It isn't Bernie and it isn't rich kids that are Jack’s problem. Talk to an Orange County Deputy. I used to live near Florida Mall in OC. There is a concrete block low-income housing project there. OC deputies told me that the people in that development were responsible for 90% of the crime in the area. My son’s bicycle was stolen and I caught a kid riding it. He was from that development. At court the kid was only ordered to pay restitution for the mess he had made of the bike but of course he never did and the court wasn't interested in pursuing it unless I hired my own attorney. My daughter’s bike was stolen later so I drove over to the development myself and recovered her bike from the same location. It wasn’t worth reporting another theft and losing all the days from work again at court.
    I moved away and anyone who lives around Florida Mall will tell you what a crime ridden area it is. The Oak Ridge area used to be really nice with all the retirees from the AFB living around Pine Castle. That is not the case now just as Pine Hills was also once a very desirable neighborhood called “crime-free Pine Hills”. The new nickname is “pine-free Crime Hills”.
    When I grew up 50 years ago people didn’t lock their houses or their car doors. Other people, including kids, would never think of opening the door on a house or car that did not belong to them without permission of the owner. The entitlement society has changed all that.