Wednesday, December 11, 2013

There must be hope, there must be hope, there must....

I am grading final exams today.  December is a bad time to grade exams.  Santa is finalizing his list and the words coming out of my office here at Valencia would cause him to reduce my number of gifts by around 93.28%.  Why?

Here is what I just read from one student, who, by the way, is not much different from her fellow students.

As always, what follows is not edited.

"When Ronald Reagan created the new deal in 1933 he caused americans to have the false hope it was o.k to spend and told the gov. to basically spend with the wind and with the government spending, people spending no one saving no new jobs creating because the lack of self enlightment things seem to get out of wack and that is what stagflation does."

Maybe if Santa reads my blog he will understand why I am losing hope faster than I am aging.

Have a wonderful Christmas.  See you in the New Year unless my students succeed in killing me off.


  1. I teach in the Fine Arts Dept. at Daytona State College and I am glad to see we aren't the only ones dealing with such rubbish. The lack of grammar is astounding in these "college" students, not to mention the lack of facts. Let this be a small glimmer of hope that, at the very least, you have someone sympathetic to your plight just north and east of you.

  2. I am a student of Professor Chambless's and I know this isn't what he taught this student. Although admittedly, I did not do well on my final exam, up to that point I did do well and the Professor is nothing if not clear in his teachings and gives plenty of opportunities both during and after class to ask questions and get clarification if needed. This is indeed an indictment of the quality of education from K-12 and additionally is proof that most college students just don't care. As an older student, I have found that I have a much different work ethic than my teen and twenty something counterparts and these might be the reasons that someone reaches this level of schooling and is incapable of even somewhat literate writing.

  3. While age maybe a factor in that answer I believe this student gave more importance to other facets of life rather than studying for class and paid the price of opportunity cost in the form of passing or seeming to have any form of intelligence. I loved the Professor's class and it was very easy in my eyes as its the same material he teaches on and the reading packets.