Thursday, June 23, 2016

A July 4th Challenge and cartoon for your kids...

Today in my classes I reminded my students that they have an exam on July 5th.  Mindful of the fact that many of them would rather not have to study supply and demand analysis on July 4th, I made an attempt to make them feel better. I explained how July 4th should be a day of mourning rather than celebration.  Mourning for what America could be - and should be - if we would only follow the principles of individual liberty and limited government spelled out in the words of our Declaration of Independence.
I went on to explain that if you look at the trend in property rights, civil liberties, taxes, the social welfare state and government regulations (all issues we have covered in class), America is far from what our Founders meant for it to be and that in reality, we are closer than ever to becoming a land of socialism where fewer and fewer people have anything more than contempt for our founding principles.
To prove the point that July 4th should be called "National Hypocrite's Day" I offered the following challenge:
"As your family and friends prepare to enjoy fireworks on July 4th, stop and ask them if they would mind if you read the Declaration of Independence to them and have a family discussion of that Thomas Jefferson was saying and how his words apply to us today."
I told my students that there is a good chance that their request will be met with protest and if allowed to read it they would look out and see glazed, indifferent expressions, followed by silence as if to say, "Can we just pop the firecrackers now??"
For those of you who do not think a reading of the Declaration of Independence would go over well in your household, let me offer this 15 minute cartoon/ Bernie Sanders monologue instead.  Surely you have 15 minutes to share this with your kids. 
Enjoy the fireworks.


  1. It's pretty strange how obsessed we seem to be with our founding principles but simultaneously choose to stifle those ideas. Really interesting video.

    By the way, I hope you'll be writing about Brexit. Very surprising how the vote ended up going, and I'm interested to know your take on the matter.

  2. Hi, what did you thought about the republican convention ? I will love to know your thoughts.