Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What my student's are (not) thinking Hillary Clinton's ideas

This week in my classes I handed out a sheet of paper to all 105 of my fall students as they walked into class on day one.   They were asked to indicate whom they would vote for in the 2016 presidential election.  They were given five choices - Hillary, Donald, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and a write in candidate.  Then, they were asked to identify one specific policy proposal from the candidate of their choice and fully explain why they believed this policy would benefit the United States.
First, the result of the poll:
Hillary Clinton - 52 votes (49.5%)
Donald Trump - 19 votes (18%)
Gary Johnson - 19 votes (18%)
Jill Stein - 1 vote
I was a bit surprised by the number of students who even knew about the Libertarian candidate - and hopefully followers of this blog will find some hope in this result - but what I was really interested in was why they supported the person they picked.
Of course, for Donald Trump, all 19 students mentioned kicking illegal immigrants out, or building a wall near Mexico.
It was the Hillary crowd that gave these answers.  As always, everything within quotation marks is a real student response, unedited for grammar or spelling. 
Here, America, is what young people like about Hillary Clinton...
" I believe in gender and race equality so, I believe that Hillary Clinton has been enforcing them."
"Taxing the upper class more, because they can afford it and the wealthy can get around taxes."
"I don't know any of the policies that Hillary Clinton has proposed, but I do know that she is a Democrat and for me that is a big enough reason to vote for her, if I could."
"The reason why I choose her is more about sympathy.  I can't vote here, so I don't pay much attention on either ones."
"She is married to Bill Clinton, so if she needs any help, he can help her."
"A fair tax system would benefit the United States because it would mean equality among the classes. The wealthy, middle class and the poor would pay according to what they are able to. There would be no disagreements among the people."
"One policy I agree with is attempting to equals all social classes"
"health care policy if you cannot afford it, it provides you with health care, there are a lot of places where people could not afford to be taken care of. Yes this is not so good for the other people that could pay for it, not fair, because they end up paying for it, but that's just how it is."
"To be perfectly honest, I'd vote for Gary Johnson, but since that would be a wasted vote since not many people would even pay attention to him, I'd vote for Hillary Clinton instead."
"Exit taxes for national companies that have factories out of the U.S. Since there are so many American companies that move to China, for example, or other countries that have cheaper labor, the exit taxes would be a way to charge these companies."
"The one policy I mostly agree with that Hillary Clinton proposed is probably - if I'm not wrong - fixing the educational system and make tuitons more affordable and decrease the college debt that many students face right after graduating. It was a not so bad idea making the in state tuiton free for the state residents."
"Besides a free energy movement promoting solar, wind and other renewables energy sources, a general assumption that Bill would have direct contact to the source, could improve all policy's set but "free" energy could relieve dependence on foreign energy.
I have a lot of work to do....


  1. If I was your 151st student this would have been my paper. I will be voting for Donald Trump. I changed my party affiliation from Republican to independent three years ago. This was due to my discust that the Republican Congress kept saying they would postpone fights for another day and they kept caving. The American people, that gave them both houses were furious.
    The policy of Trump that I support, is his supposed stance on law and order. This is a broad policy and it encompasses many aspects of society and the world. I think he would at least try to solve certain issues where Hillary just tries to deflect responibility.
    Trump says he is for law and order and his broader policy on immigration supports this. If immigrants broke the law to get here and they continue to break laws they should go back.
    The democratic party has gone so far left that laws are really irrelevant to them. Hillary Clinton has flouted the law by lieing to Congress under oath and to the American people. Obama has used executive order to scurt the law to sign away American national sovereignty. He reprimanded the Supreme Court to their faces over their decisions. When the American people see that the irs,fbi,dept of state,and attorney general blatantly act politically and dont investigate,dont prosecute and dont indict ,then we have a breakdown in the social contract by which our U.S Constitution is based.

    I hope somebody can restore confidence in our system. We have many real social problems but confidence in at least attempting to have a just society is important to me.
    Socialist policies although sound good in theory dont work. We have major violence in many of our cities. Chicago, which I believe is a gun free zone, just passed 500 murders for 2016. The city, under democratic control is a mess. A simple search of Wiklepedia of Ferguson Missouri,Dallas Texas,Baltimore,Baton Rouge,and Milwaukee are almost all completely Democratically controlled. All of these cities had huge population growths and thriving economies until the middle 1960s where they peaked and began a significant demographic change until the 1980s. They have continued to decline economically and socially under Democrats that supposedly been for equal justice,equal rights and for the poor. Violent crime and anti law sentiment flourish in these cities. Social engineers like George Soros and his socialist Open Society Network and Billions of dollars take advantage of this lawlessness and turmoil to fuel his agenda. Hillary Clinton will be a puppet to the master, George Soros and the socialist agenda will continue.
    GOD Bless America (please)

  2. Do these students think money grows on tax payer's trees?