Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Hyenas

A few weeks ago I ventured out to a place I rarely go (a movie theater) to watch, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". When I was a kid back in the 70's I loved the Planet of the Apes movies and actually entertained the thought that something like this could happen some day.

Now that I am grown up I now realize that it is not likely that apes will take over the Earth. After all, the apes simply wanted liberty from the tyranny being imposed by humans.

What is far more likely to occur this century is for the hyenas - in human form - to take over the planet.

If you have ever watched a nature show where the lives and habits of hyenas are depicted you will notice that hyenas always lie around in the grass or under a shady tree waiting for hard-working lions or cheetahs to productively hunt down and kill some other animal. After the lion or cheetah has finished the hard work, the hyenas move in as a group, gang up on the individual that killed the antelope, chase them away and eat, without working, the meal that some other animal originally acquired.

Look around America today (and Greece, and England and more..) at all of these "Occupy America" protests. What you will see, if you look very closely, is a bunch of hyenas demanding to take away the productive efforts of the rest of us.

It could be argued that if Steve Jobs had been a cheetah he would have been one of the fastest, most agile cats on the plains of Africa. He would have had the best food and strongest skill set. As a human, his skill set meant thousands upon thousands of jobs for other people around the planet, incredible devices (that many of the protesters are using today) for the rest of us human beings and riches for himself.

For this, the hyenas line up and demand to take what he created without ever inventing anything of any use to anyone.


  1. That's almost exactly what happens in The Lion King, now that I think about it...

  2. You know what bothers me Jack? You tell anyone out there that this is a socialist agenda and people don't bother, in fact they support socialism in exchange for a free lunch. The values of our founding fathers have been forgotten, and society has been downgraded to people wanting free things, who feel that having everything they want is a right.

    Working as a personal banker I see these things everyday. I interact with families, and business owners and see that generally people just want socialism. All they think is, "down with the corporations", "we should spread the wealth", "why do wall street bankers make so much and I cant get a job with my GED?" while said individual goes clubbing every weekend and thus overdraft his account.

    I don't see this changing any time soon... Any country you recommend for a liberty seeker?