Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's Your Sign?

As most of you know, from time to time I mention businesses that I think you should patronize.  Today's blog is the latest in that "installment".

In Centerville, Tennessee lives a guy who is called "Tom the Furniture Guy".   Tom is not only a master craftsman when it comes to building beautiful custom furniture but he also makes amazing personalized signs like the ones seen here out of vintage Tennessee barnwood!

He epitomizes everything that green capitalism  is about.  Not only does he prevent decades-old barns from being burned or tossed in a dump, but he gently reclaims the wood,
treats it for any lingering pests and then makes signs for folks all over the United States! 

You can find him online at  where you can have just about anything you want for your home or business - or place an order as a gift for someone.  He can do catchy sayings, family names, addresses, phrases you or someone you know use a lot that are funny or meaningful, as well as bible verses, sports team signs and more.  I have already ordered four of these for my family and hope you will find what you want.  He is super nice and can ship to anywhere in the country.

Good luck - let me know what you order...  I will post pictures of my new game room sign when it arrives.

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