Monday, November 5, 2012

Will Evangelical Christians help Destroy America's Future?

In the past several weeks I have spoken to, or heard others speak about many people in the Christian community who do not plan to vote tomorrow because, in their words, "Mitt Romney is not a Christian" or because, "God is in control and whomever he wants in office he will put there."
Just in case there are any of you out there reading this - or know people who might be interested in reading this - who share the aforementioned sentiments, I would like to say one thing to you if I may be so bold...
You are making a big mistake.  A mistake so big that you could help destroy the very liberty that God wants all of us to enjoy.
Please go back and check your Bibles.  God wants us to be happy, free and prosperous while we are on this Earth.  He does not desire for us to live under growing tyranny, taxation and liberty-stifling rules.  The Bible is filled with verses that make this quite clear. 
If you do not vote because you think Mormons belong to a cult or because God does not care you are condemning your posterity, our posterity, to a future where the chains of big government will be riveted to their wallets, their choices and their pursuit of happiness.
Debate all you want about whether Mormons are "real Christians".  I know many Mormons from my years in the classroom and I find them to be exceedingly humble, kind, loving and great believers in human liberty and dignity.  They also tell me that they are Christians.  From the fruit I see in their lives and from my own ignorance of their faith, who am I to tell them they are not? 
Mitt Romney spent many of his years in mission work and ministry.  Barack Obama, a Christian according to him, spent his youth doing things that were far from mission work and ministry.  So did the evangelical Christian, George W. Bush.
Bush, with his unconstitutional wars and Obama with his unconsitutional socialism, strayed far from Christian principles while serving under an oath that said they had to defend our Constitution.  They even swore to God they would do it before killing 100,000 innocent Iraqis and forcing all of us to adhere to liberty-violating health care laws, taxes and regulations.
For my money, Mitt Romney is what he says he is.  I think he would govern in a manner consistent with his faith, which at this point I trust more than Mr. Obama's beliefs in what God would have him do.
If you Christians out there really care about our nation - a nation formed by mostly Christians who knew about sacrifice and honor and real liberty - you will get up tomorrow and go vote for a government that respects our rights to life, liberty and private property and you will vote in a way that ends 12 years of Republican and Democratic soft tyranny.
Don't blow it now....the stakes are too high.


  1. I am very worried about tomorrow's election.

    I came here 2 years ago from Venezuela escaping precisely some of the things that Obama is trying to get done in this country. It may sound extreme to some, but you would be very surprised to see all the similarities that Obama, the media, some of the citizens of this country now share with my own, a place where dependency and socialism has been established for the last 14 years!

    Anyway I really hope that people in this country wake up tomorrow knowing what they are fighting against, and are able to get over those silly differences that may cause them not to vote. It is extremely important that you get this country back on the track that made it so attractive to people like me all around the world.

    The fact that Proff. Chambless has seen what its at stake and decided to vote for Romney after 12 years gives me hope about tomorrow. Hopefully, thousands more will get up tomorrow in the same position and make this a landslide for Romney, as it should be.

    How much I wish I could vote tomorrow...

  2. The irony is great in your next-to-last paragraph, Jack. That part about the founding fathers "who knew about sacrifice and honor and real liberty" seems to ignore the fact that people such as Jefferson and Washington and others who put together our form of government were slave-owners. The quotation from Jefferson that resides at the top of your blog is especially cringe-inducing in that regard--"the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his liberty and the fruits acquired by it." That tends to sap any moral force behind the assertion that these guys were to be looked up to as guiltless when it comes to "liberty," and that they have something to say to us today concerning same. I know, I know, they were merely men of their times, doing what everyone else did to make and preserve their wealth. But still, it's difficult to separate their status as slave owners from some of the grand ideals they espoused.

    1. Yes, it sure is. I have told my students many times that it is better to judge Jefferson by his words than all of his deeds because of this blatant disregard for the liberty of his slaves. His words did eventually free all slaves and helped make black Americans the most prosperous, most free black people in the world, so I would prefer to call him a hypocrite who was right about his writings. Thank you for an insightul commment.