Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another Perspective on Global Warming

If you have 10 minutes of your life to watch something very interesting on YouTube that might change your perspective on global warming, the video below is for you.
As you are watching this, I would like for you to think about all of the rules, regulations, taxes, mandates and government subsidies that have been imposed upon us and businesses in the name of fighting global warming. 
I look forward to hearing from you.  Please share this on Facebook with your friends.  Maybe with any luck we can create a voting class that demands the end of carbon taxes, ethanol mandates, crony-capitalism, fuel efficiency mandates, the banning of light bulbs and more.


  1. You will never get a progressive to agree with this video because it counteracts their concept that government must control everything. When presented with the facts they shift to the alternate “well even if it isn’t global warming, controlling pollution is still a good idea”. They will never let go of the concept of government controlling everything. The plans to counteract CO2 “pollution” are mostly creating revenue streams for government and the oligarchs.
    Al Gore made huge investments in creating a carbon trading exchange that would put him in control of what amounts to another Wall Street. He is not interested in the climate. He is interested in the money. As Eddie Murphy said in the movie Trading Places, “you guys are just bookies”.

  2. And if there had been an internet 500 years ago, somebody would have made a video saying that Galelio and heliocentrism were all wrong. The "facts" are that this Willie Soon, who is one of the stars of this video, is no more a climatologist than you and I are. Almost all of his research funding comes from coal, oil, and gas producers:

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  3. The "facts" are that no prediction made by the global warming chicken littles have come true. The "facts" are that we have pollution problems that affect the air, earth, and water. Building a false narrative about global warming only makes it more difficult for the truth to be heard and true reform to take place. Using government to hand out money to political friends, to pass regulations that benefit political supporters, and to invest in boondoggles like Solyndra is only delaying real action.